University of Gothenburg
Photo: Julia Sjöberg

Doctoral Studies

Do you harbor a genuine interest in physics? Would you like to be involved in conducting ground-breaking research at the highest level? The postgraduate education at the Department of Physics offers you a chance to deepen your knowledge in your subject area, while also giving you analytical tools that help you identify problems, analyze findings and critically assess research results.

The Department of Physics conducts postgraduate education within a number of subject areas including astronomy and astrophysics, theoretical physics, atomic and molecular physics, biological physics and complex systems, and fused matter physics.

To be admitted to the doctoral program, you must have completed a basic university degree that corresponds to at least a master's degree or a master's degree in engineering with a specialization in physics. Students with an equivalent foreign undergraduate degree must also have passed an approved language test in English. As a benchmark, at least 550 points apply to the TOEFL test.

The education is conducted in close collaboration with the Department of Physics at Chalmers University of Technology, within the framework of the Gothenburg Physics Center (GPC). The studies comprise 240 higher education credits (ECST), of which the dissertation must comprise at least 120 credits, and the course part at least 60 credits.

PhD Courses

The Deaprtment of Physics offer a range of exciting courses aimed at PhD students. The courses are also open to PhD:s from other departments and universities.




  • TBD: “Designing custom-made electronics for the physics laboratory” (10HEC, L. Bengtson)