University of Gothenburg

Nordic Cooperation

The secretariat has a broad collaborative platform in the Nordic arena. We have a long tradition of working with other national bodies that work with research-based knowledge on sustainable conditions for research, education and working life in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers

Much of our Nordic work takes place within NIKK – Nordic Information on Gender. NIKK is a cooperative body under the Nordic Council of Ministers, based at the secretariat following a decision by the Nordic Ministers for Gender Equality in 2012. Under this mandate, the secretariat gathers and disseminates research, policy, knowledge and practice in the field of gender equality in a Nordic and comparative perspective.

The secretariat has ongoing collaborations with several of the actors within the official Nordic cooperation under the auspices of the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers. Our approach is cross-sectoral and we thus operate across several of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ policy areas. The secretariat works for the Ministers for Gender Equality but also on behalf of the Council of Ministers in other sectors, e.g. working life, education and research.

We also collaborate with other cooperative Nordic bodies and institutions under the Nordic Council of Ministers, including the regional development research centre Nordregio, the Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research (Nordicom) and the research funding body NordForsk.

NING – the Nordic Information Network for Gender

The secretariat is part of the NING network, together with similar national knowledge centres on gender and gender equality in the Nordic countries. The network is used to discuss issues spanning the Nordic countries, for knowledge exchange and to work together. The network also runs the calendar portal GenderKalenderN, which gathers information about events in all the Nordic countries. The calendar is an important resource in contributing to knowledge exchange and collaboration across the Nordic region.