University of Gothenburg

International collaboration

The secretariat has many years of international experience, with the Nordic countries and Europe as our most common arenas. We participate in several international collaboration projects and have the task of being Sweden's expert function for gender and gender equality in the European Research Area (ERA).

GENDERACTIONPlus and Science with and for Society

GENDERACTIONPlus is an EU-funded project, where the Secretariat is one of the partners. Developing measures and strategies eradicating gender-based violence is a main priority for the European Research Area, and a pertinent focus in the GENDERACTIONplus project.  

Within the framework of the project the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research will coordinate policy development on gender-based violence and harassment in the European Research Area. This is done through collecting relevant research and analysing policy in EU Member States.  Here you can read more about the project on our website.

The secretariat participates in a programme, Science with and for Society, SwafS, whose aims include promoting gender equality in the EU’s Horizon 2020 research programme. The platform is also to open up funding opportunities for Swedish research projects. Here, the secretariat is working with several researchers on an application to Horizon 2020, linked to a call for proposals on gender-based violence including sexual harassment in research organisations and universities. Leading researchers at research institutions in nine EU countries are working together on this application, headed by the ESF – European Science Foundation/Fondation Européenne de la Science. The purpose is to develop new knowledge with a focus on prevalence, consequences and organising preventive work.


Despite the scale, the political significance and the growing interest in academia, gender-based violence in research organisations remains largely under-reported and under-researched. Without sufficient knowledge, infrastructure, measures, and activities in place in academia, it is difficult to fully prevent, protect or even prosecute.

UniSAFE  is an EU-funded project that  aims to produce better knowledge on  gender-based violence (GBV) and sexual harassment (SH)  in research performing organisations, and to  translate this knowledge into operational tools for higher education, research organisations and policymakers. 

UniSAFE relies on a strong multi-disciplinary consortium of nine European partners.  Several researchers at the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research  is part of the Swedish team, led by  University of Gothenburg. Here you can read more about the project on our website


Higher education in sport and sport institutions is characterised by unequal conditions and widespread issues of gender-based vulnerability, racism and homophobia. SUPPORTER (Securing Sports Education Through Innovative and Inclusive Gender Equality Plans) is an EU project funded under Horizon-Widera 2022 that aims to contribute to more inclusive gender equality in the European Research Area (ERA) through a focus on sports education.

We cooperate with eleven European partners. Here you can read more about the project on our website