University of Gothenburg

About us

The secretariat is a knowledge hub in the Nordic countries, specializing in sustainable conditions for education, research and working life.

We produce research driven knowledge on gender, power and sustainability

to address global societal challenges. We operate in collaboration with and conduct commissioned research for a range of actors at national, Nordic and international level. The secretariat employs about twenty people with expertise in research, investigation and analysis, coordination, collaboration, communication and project management. Several of the secretariat’s researchers are PhDs with expertise in fields such as work science, sociology, gender studies, philosophy, and education. Our employees are experienced in working on a range of collaborative projects for Swedish, Nordic and European clients


The secretariat has been a national unit at the University of Gothenburg, since 1998, with a mission to promote gender research in Sweden in the university and higher education sector. Over time, a range of new commissioned work and a greater collaborative role have seen us develop into a knowledge hub.

The secretariat reports to the Vice Chancellor and networks with the other national units hosted by the university. Our work is headed by a Director and a Deputy Director who jointly decide on the way work is conducted and allocate tasks and roles.

Much of our Nordic work takes place within NIKK – Nordic Information on Gender. NIKK is a cooperative body under the Nordic Council of Ministers, based at the secretariat following a decision by the Nordic Ministers for Gender Equality in 2012. Under this mandate, the secretariat gathers and disseminates research, policy, knowledge and practice in the field of gender equality in a Nordic and comparative perspective.

Drawing on international research on gender, power and sustainability, the secretariat uses and develops different scientific perspectives and methods in its operations. Working with other researchers and expert organisations strengthens our collaboration, communication and production of knowledge.