University of Gothenburg


Cooperation, in Sweden, the Nordic countries and in the international arena, is an important element of the secretariat’s work.

Proven knowledge is needed to tackle the global societal challenges. Cooperation sees us contributing research-driven knowledge on power, gender and sustainable conditions. We participate in networks, alliances and consortia where our knowledge is in demand. Here, we contribute knowledge in expert groups, at conferences and in advisory bodies. We also provide expert support in collaborative projects and conduct comparative analyses, systematic research reviews and research.

Are you interested in cooperating with us?

The secretariat has many years’ experience of researching and analysing sustainable conditions for research, education and working life. The expertise we have built up enables us to take on commissioned work and launch collaborative projects. We can also offer support and input in ongoing processes run by our collaborative partners. Please contact our Director Ph.D. Fredrik Bondestam to discuss what our organisations could achieve together.