University of Gothenburg


Through the years we have worked with many different commissions, published several publications, arranged events in cooperation with different partners, hosted conferences, seminars, lecture series and debates.

When the Secretariat started in 1998, the aim was to contribute to establishing knowledge about gender. This was done by disseminating and promoting results and knowledge from gender research, mainly at the national level. Since then, gender research has developed, gender studies have been institutionalized and knowledge from both fields is increasingly available.

Over the years, the role of the Secretariat, the content of its activities and its geographical arenas have been broadened.  In parallel with its dissemination and promotional work, the Secretariat has strengthened the impact of Swedish, Nordic and European gender equality and research policy. The organisation has developed new knowledge perspectives, including on gender-based violence and harassment, vocational training and skills supply, green transition and sustainable living conditions for LGBTI people. 

Today, the Secretariat is a knowledge hub in the Nordic region, contributing research-driven analyses of various societal challenges and changes in gender equality, education and research policy. We initiate our own projects and collaborate with others at national, Nordic and international level. Our vision is to contribute to a sustainable working life, a free knowledge society and an equal Nordic region.

In our annual reports you will find an overview of the different events of the year. Our annual reports are written in Swedish and you can find the most recent on the Swedish website. You're also welcome to contact us if you want to read older annual reports. 


We have been organising the biggest conferences on gender research in Sweden, since 2012 called g-conferences, in conjunction with other universities. The next g-conference will be organized by Mittuniversitetet.

The conferences aim to bring together the broad and interdisciplinary fields that constitute Swedish gender research today, and thereby create the conditions for critical review, the exchange of experiences, and opportunities to form new constellations. 

Next conference will be organized by Mittuniversitetet in 2025.