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University of Gothenburg
The main entrance of the Academy of Music and Drama
Photo: Gunnar Jönsson

Friends of Artisten

The Friends of Artisten Association supports the activities at the Academy of Music and Drama in various ways. Among other things, the association's members act as ambassadors for the activities at the academy. In the association's programme, the members get to know the Academy of Music and Drama and how it organises its activities.

Friends of Artisten activities

The members of the Friends of Artisten usually meet at the Academy of Music and Drama in connection with 6–8 concerts / performances during each year. After each concert / performance, the members spend some time over food and drink together with invited participants and / or those responsible for the event / training. The pandemic changed the conditions for the public activities at the Academy of Music and Drama strongly and at this time no public events are given on the academy's premises. However, some concerts and performances are streamed to a general audience. The artist's friends' board therefore does not expect to be able to invite members to meetings during the spring of 2021.

Friends of Artisten Board

  • Bengt-Ove Boström, president
  • Ann-Marie Rydberg, vice-chairman
  • Lars Höglund, treasurer
  • Gudrun Piculell, secretary
  • Monica Ling, fellow
  • Margareta Lagerkvist, substitute
  • Cecile Lindquist, substitute

Join The Friends of Artisten

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