University of Gothenburg

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Maria Granberg

Senior researcher who works with the presence and effects of pollutants, such as oil and microplastics, in temperate and Arctic marine ecosystems.

Portrait Maria Grandberg

Anna-Sara Krång

Senior researcher in marine ecology/ecotoxicology. Works broadly on the impacts of pollutants such as microplastics, heavy metals and underwater noise on marine life, particularly crustaceans and other invertebrates. Also works with development of sustainable marine aquaculture.

Portrait Anna-Sara Krång

Åsa Strand

Senior scientist with a focus on aquaculture of mussels and oysters, management of wild populations of these species and ecosystem services provided in both aquaculture and in nature.


Portrait Åsa Strand

Anna-Lisa Wrange

Researcher and project manager within natural resources, and environmental effects.

Portrait Anna-Lisa Wrange

Chiau Yu Chen

I'm a research assistant involved in different toxicology projects at IVL. Right now I mainly work on effect study of biodegradable microplastics on lugworm.

Portrait Chiau Yu

Maja Edenius

Researcher in marine ecotoxicology with focus on the effects of pollutants on aquatic organisms with emphasis on understanding and utilizing biological mechanisms underlying pollutant toxicity.

Portrait Maja Edenius

Mikael Dahl

I am a marine biologist at heart and much of my research has used molecular ecological methods. Population genetics, conservation genetics, transcriptomics, whole genome sequencing, comparative genomics, etc. Now I work a lot with eDNA to describe biodiversity but also use the same method to look for invasive and endangered species. I have also worked as an environmental consultant for various industries, usually focusing on issues related to water. At IVL, I am part of the on call oil team.

Portrait Mikael Dahl

Frej Gustavsson

I am researching low trophic aquaculture, with a specific interest in seaweed and bivalve cultivation. I'm interested in how new technologies and techniques can be developed to increase productivity and sustainability within Swedish aquaculture.

Portrait Frej Gustavsson

Adrianus Both

Senior researcher with a focus on bivalve aquaculture, it’s interactions with the marine environment, and how it can contribute to sustainable food production. Works with a variety of analytical techniques such as fatty acid biomarkers and stable isotopes to understand how bivalve aquaculture utilizes marine resources (e.g., phytoplankton and detritus) as well as how changes in the environment (changes in food availability, climate change, etc.)  affect the growth and quality of cultured bivalves.

Portrait Adrianus Both

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Fredrik Gröndahl
Department of Sustainable Development Environmental Science and Engineering

Works with the sustainable use of resources from the sea such as food, feed, chemicals and energy. He is an expert on algae and jellyfish.

Portrait Fredrik Gröndahl

Evangelia Zioga
Department of Sustainable Development Environmental Science and Engineering

As a PhD student I do research in the area of algae fermentation.

Portrait Evangelia Zioga

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Johan Lindén
Product durability

Researcher working on durability of materials, coatings, and components in marine environments. Experience on accelerated tests for corrosion and antifouling protection. Interested in electrochemical techniques for corrosion investigations, and environmentally friendly antifouling strategies.

Portrait Johan Lindén

Jan Suchorzewski
Infrastructure and Concrete Technology

Researcher and engineer in new cement-based materials with improved sustainability and improved durability. Testing concrete elements for marine energy concerning bio-fouling and durability.

Portrait Jan Suchorzewski

University of Gothenburg

Maria Asplund
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

My research focuses mainly on shallow vegetation systems linked to climate change. I also work with national monitoring of vegetation-covered seabeds along the Swedish west coast.

Porträtt Maria Asplund

Susanne Pihl Baden
Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences


Matz Berggren
Department of Marine Sciences

I am interested in the biodiversity and habitat choice of eumalacostraca crustacea. My focus has been on different habitat-dwelling shrimps in the tropics! Depending on the environment, different methods are needed. I work with different questions of intimate associations of shrimps and its host animal. 

Portrait Matz Berggren

Isabel Casties
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Portrait Isabel Casties

Diana Deyanova
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Portrait Diana Deyanova

Sam Dupont
Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences

I work with the effect of human impacts on marine life, and also the development of innovative science communication and education strategies to tackle global challenges.

Portrait Sam Dupont

Leon Green
Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences

I'm interested in ecology and evolution in changing marine environments. My research focus is on invasive species, and how ecology and evolutionary knowledge can support invasive species management.

Portrait Leon Green

Azizul Hakim
Department of Marine Sciences

I am interested in aggregation processes in marine environments with a focus on particle dispersal during industry operations (e.g., deep-sea mining, and fishing)

Portrait  Hakim Azizul

Martin Hassellöv
Department of Marine Sciences

I lead the research group on marine environmental nanochemistry, studying marine pollution in its solid form, from nanometer scale to the ecosystem level. The marine environment is subjected today to multiple stressors, including ocean acidification, climate change, overfishing and pollution.

Portrait Martin Hassellöv

Eduardo Infantes
Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences

My research group at the Seagrass Ecology Lab examines bio-physical interactions that affect benthic ecosystems with key projects focusing on coastal restoration, ecological feedbacks, tipping points and plant-sediment-flow interactions.

Portrait Eduardo Infantes

Karin Mattsson
Department of Marine Sciences

I am a researcher in the marine environmental nanochemistry group and work with anthropogenic particles including micro- and nanoplastics particles. I am interested in methods for identifying and characterizing particles in the environment but also sources and distribution as well as plastic fragmentation and degradation processes.

Porträtt Karin Mattsson

Ellen Schagerström
Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences

My research area is aquaculture. My specialty and focus is breeding and rearing the native red sea cucumber Parastichopus tremulus. I also have an ecosystem restoration angle on my sea cucumber research. My aim is to produce and re-stock this local population in Gullmar Fjord, in order to determine the importance of sea cucumbers in a fjord ecosystem.

Portrait Ellen Schagerström

Linda Svanberg
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

I work as research technician in different projects, for example in a plankton monitoring program where I measure primary production and identify zooplankton. I also work in different projects where I help run experiments and cultures. The focus right now is on lobsters and sea cucumbers, and sustainable aquaculture with said species.

Portrait Linda Svanberg

Elena Tamarit Castro
Department of Earth Sciences

As a PhD student I do experimental work with Atlantic cod and climate change stressors.

Portrait Elena Tamarit

Laurenz Thomsen
Department of Marine Sciences

I'm interested in the impact of global warming on the seabed. With an interdisciplinary approach and remote-controlled robots, he tackles the challenges of our time. 

Portrait Laurenz Thomsen

Tim Wilkinson
Department of Marine Sciences