Matz Berggren


Department of Marine Sciences
Visiting address
Kristinebergs Marina Forskningsstation, Kristineberg
45178 Fiskebäckskil
Postal address
Kristinebergs Marina Forskningsstation, Kristineberg 566
45178 Fiskebäckskil

About Matz Berggren

I am interested in the biodiversity and habitat choice of eumalacostraca crustacea.

My focus has been on different habitat-dwelling shrimps in the tropics! Depending on the environment, different methods are needed. I work with different questions of intimate associations of shrimps and its host animal. In temperate waters (Sweden, Faroe Islands and Norway), it is still habitat choice and the biodiversity of decapod crustacea.

Today I my focus is mainly with invasive marine species on the Swedish coasts, again mostly eumalacostraca crustaceans and especially the decapod crustaceans. A running project is about the biodiversity in the algal zone along the Norwegian coastline with emphasis on invasive species.

I am also involved in a SIDA-project between the university in Maputo (Universidade Eduardo Mondlane), Mozambique and University of Gothenburg being the local coordinator of a sub-program “1.3.2 - On the sustainability and management of marine and coastal resources in Mozambique”.