University of Gothenburg
Foto över Kristineberg och Gullmarsfjordens mynning.
Photo: Petra Kas

Ecosystems and the Gullmar fjord

Nestled at the gateway to the Gullmar fjord, Kristineberg enjoys a prime location that opens up to a mosaic of coastal ecosystems and the vast expanse of the open sea. This unique positioning provides direct access to an array of diverse habitats, from the sheer cliffs and deep-sea basins to the sprawling sand and mudflats, lush seagrass meadows, and both sheltered and exposed shorelines. Such ecological variety fosters an exceptional level of biodiversity.

Gullmar fjord

The Gullmar fjord is Sweden's only true threshold fjord. The fjord 30 km long with a maximum depth of 118 m. Key features that makes this an important marine environment are the excellent water quality with three rather distinct water-masses; surface water of varying salinity depending on the mixture of local runoff and water from the Baltic and Kattegat/Skagerrak surface water, inter-mediate layer dominated by Skagerrak surface water and high saline bottom water from the North Sea at greater depths.

Scientific studies have taken place in the Gullmar fjord since the 1830s, therefore the fjord is now well documented. The Gullmar fjord is a nature reserve, since 1983, as well as an EU BIOMARE reference area.