University of Gothenburg
Två händer pusslar ett hjärta
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The research school SHIFT CARE - Swedish researcH school in Integrated CARE for Future Teachers, focuses on knowledge development that, through learning and research, supports the transition to Integrated care for persons of various ages with complex care needs. The research school is jointly operated by four institutions: the University of Gothenburg, the University of Borås, the University of Skövde, and the University West.

Integrated care refers to care that is person-centred, health-promoting, and proactive. It utilises digital and hybrid solutions, aims for cost-effective and sustainable care with high quality, and fosters seamless collaboration throughout the entire care chain. Teachers at the collaborating institutions are responsible for the education, with the participation of international experts.

Doctoral students admitted to the research school will also be admitted to the regular doctoral program at one of the four collaborating institutions and will follow that institution's general study plan. Participation in the research school runs parallel to the regular doctoral program, and the research school's program, including courses, seminars, and international exchanges, is conducted within the framework of elective courses. The structure aims to prepare doctoral students to conduct interdisciplinary cutting-edge research and teaching in close collaboration with health and social care organisations.