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Prefekt och proprefekt i korridoren
Photo: Göteborgs universitet


The head of department leads the daily work at the Institute of health and care sciences, and is assisted by the senior management committee and the department council, which act as advisory bodies. In addition, there are several drafting committees for e.g. research, education and research studies.

Senior management committee

Department council

The department council is an advisory body that assists the department head in strategic issues concerning the work of the department. Minutes are taken at all meetings.

Drafting Committees

Drafting committee for educational issues

The group addresses various strategic issues concerning education, such as the range of courses offered, the continued training of personnel, quality assurance procedures, and the marketing of the educational provision.

Research committee

The committee develops and discusses guidelines and principles for the financing of projects, prepares research applications for approval by the head of department, and prepares research-related cases for the department council. Minutes are taken at all meetings.

Research studies committee

The committee prepares and processes admissions to third-cycle programmes, and supervises other issues related to research studies, such as evaluations, referrals, etc. 

Course planning group

The group prepares matters related to study plans and course plans. Minutes are taken at all meetings.