person som hoppar mellan två klippavsatser
Photo: Sammie Vasquez

Health care transition research group

Research group

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The Health care transistion research group deals with a wide range of issues related to transitions in health care. Medical and surgical advances have given young people with congenital or long-term conditions from childhood an increased life expectancy. This group of young people is in need of life-long specialist care to increase the possibility of a long and healthy life. The transition of young people with long-term conditions from pediatric care to adult healthcare has been increasingly recognized in recent decades. Problem areas in the care of the transfer have been expressed both by patients and their relatives - an issue that is also mentioned by the patient organizations.

In addition, healthcare professionals in pediatric and adult health services are requesting improved routines for promoting well-being and medical


The Health Care Transition Research Group research group aims to generate new knowledge about transitional care aspects; to develop interventions to improve transitional care; and to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of such interventions. The scope of research activities is broad, and comprises for instance explorative studies; instrument development; intervention mapping; and effectiveness research, amongst others.

This is carried out, among other things, by developing and evaluating the effects of new care models that can improve healthcare at different transitions between different care providers. Also to identify the consequences for patients regarding for example medical outcomes and psycho-social aspects in the case of shortcomings in the transition from pediatric to adult health care.

Research methodological starting points include exploratory studies, instrument development, development and evaluation of complex interventions as well as process evaluation and health economic studies.

The research is conducted within three themes: 

• Health care for various changes in life stages, health conditions or social roles
• Health care when transferring between different care providers
• Health and healthcare models' impact on care during transitions and how these can be adapted to future needs of different groups in the healthcare sector
• Consequences and causes of disruptions in follow-up