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Visit our press room for expert lists, press releases and much more.

This is GNC's press room.  You can find our press releases, expert lists and contact details for press photos below.  If you are a journalist or represent the media please contact us with your question 

Contact Anna Spyrou on


Find an expert!

If you are working as a journalist and looking for an expert at the Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Centre to provide expert comment on a story, please feel free to use our platform below.

Our platform offers all journalists very quick and efficient access to GNC academics who may be able to help on a specific subject.

If you are unable to find an expert using this platform, please do feel free to  contact the GNC Communication’s Manager for additional advice. We may be able to give you some suggestions as to someone who is not mentioned below.

Press photos

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Please contact our Communications Manager Anna Spyrou if you require any photos of our researchers or research environment.

Press releases

We currently have no press releases

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