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Screening questionnaires and protocols

Screening questionnaires developed and translated by the GNC for use in both clinical and research settings.


These screening questionnaires are protected by copyright, owned by Christopher Gillberg. They are currently unavailable and will return shortly. The continued use of these questionnaires is prohibited and unauthorised.

If you currently possess a copy of any of the questionnaires, please cease publication and/or distribution of them immediately. If you wish to continue with publication and/or distribution, please contact to discuss a financial agreement to do so.

To notify us of a suspected Copyright infringement please contact: Anna Spyrou, Communications Manager

You are reminded that previous access and use was authorised on the condition that you registered with the GNC and therefore, historic unregistered users are also required to cease using the questionnaires and encouraged to register when they become available in the near future.



At the GNC (and previously the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) we have developed a number of instruments intended for use in screening and diagnostic practice in the field of child neuropsychiatry/ESSENCE both in clinical work and research.



We strive to translate all of our screening questionnaires into as many languages as possible so our instruments can be used  globally in both research and clinical settings. If you wish to use our questionnaires but notice it is not available in the language you require, and wish to work with us on this project, please contact Anna Spyrou