University of Gothenburg

Student counselling

Do you have questions about our courses or programmes and want to know more about career opportunities? Are you already studying at the School of Global Studies and want to talk about your study situation?

Our Student Counsellors can support you by: 

  • Informing you about our courses and programmes and help you with your study and career choices.
  • Helping you to plan your studies.
  • Giving counselling to students at the School of Global Studies.

Contact us

You are welcome to call our Student Counsellors during the phone hours or to email your questions. Your contact with our Student Counsellors is always protected by professional secrecy.

Via phone:

  • Thord Jansson, phone: +46 31-786 43 10
  • Sanna Byröd Bergström, phone: +46 31-786 43 58
  • Jennie Larsson, phone: +46 31-786 48 34

Email us:

If you prefer, you can email your questions to

If you have questions about registration and other course-related inquiries, please contact the Student Office:

Book student counselling

Book your meeting by sending an email to The meeting takes 20 minutes.

Prepare for your meeting

To get the most out of your meeting with our Student Counsellors, you can prepare by: