University of Gothenburg

Our environmental work

The University of Gothenburg is actively working to reduce its climate impact and have signed up for the Swedish Climate Framework. At the School of Global Studies, we have several sustainability-marked courses, we conduct environmental and sustainability research, offer doctoral studies within Environmental Social Science, and take active sustainability considerations in all our work.

We do environmental and climate research

At the School of Global Studies, we conduct research within the subject Environmental Social Science. Our research focuses on environmental issues and analyses crucial aspects of human-nature relations applying different lenses and approaches. The research is problem-driven and relates to urgent global challenges of the 21st century, such as climate change, deforestation, biodiversity loss, urban growth, distribution of land and water resources as well as health and food security.

The department also offers a PhD Programme in Environmental Social Science that provides a platform for interrogating how we understand and investigate the relationships between society and the environment. The aim of the PhD programme is to educate researchers in undertaking the complex issues created by today's global challenges.

Master courses in Human Ecology

The sustainability perspective is more important than ever and at our master courses in Human Ecology, you examine the interplay between human societies and natural environments. You learn about contemporary environmental issues and examine how sustainable development can be achieved through societal organization and new technology. You also learn about the connections between global injustices, pollution, and climate change. 

Internal environmental work at the School of Global Studies

The University of Gothenburg’s environmental management system is certified according to ISO14001. At the department, we carry out an environmental audit every year using the department action plan for environmental and sustainability work

The School of Global Studies is a part of a project on climate exchange at the University. The project involves developing a model for charging the department's carbon dioxide emissions, for example, emissions linked to air travel. The funds can then be used for future climate initiatives at the University and the department.

The department is planning for a bicycle storage with solar panels to produce its own and sustainable electricity.

Action plan for environment and sustainable development (in Swedish)

Aktivitetslista för miljö och hållbar utveckling (PDF)