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The department offers two international Master's Programmes. You can study some of the most fundamental issues of human thought and communication; many of today's sciences and everyday conceptions originate with these questions. Welcome!

Our fields of study

At our department we offer courses in Liberal Arts, Linguistics, Logic, Practical and Theoretical Philosophy, Theory of Science, and Language Technology. The majority of teaching in most courses at first cycle is conducted in Swedish.

Please contact our Study counsellors for information about first and second cycle studies: After successfully completing a degree on the advanced level, it is possible to apply for doctoral studies (third cycle), which leads either to a licentiate or doctoral degree. More about third cycle studies

Exchange students

The Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science offers courses for exchange students. The courses available for you as an exchange student are listed on this Course selection list.

Interviews about our programmes

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Why study Logic?
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Why study Language Technology?