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Research Seminars at FLoV

Our 15 research seminars at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, FLoV, are listed below. Please send an email to the contact person for the seminar you wish to attend and you will get more information about location and zoomlink.

Citizen Science

  • University of Gothenburg Webinars on Citizen Science
    10:00-12:00 CET

    A series on new developments in the field of citizen science, in the broadest sense, including different participatory participatory research activities in the natural and social sciences and the humanities, as well as community based initiatives.
    Contact: and

History of Philosophy and Classical Philology

  • History of Philosophy and Classical Philology
    Contact Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist,

  • Filling the Gap: Medieval Aristotelian Logic 1240–1360
    Contact Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist,

  • Translation as Research
    Contact Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist,
    Date TBA: Workshop 4 within the RJ project in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen: Translation as Research: Conclusions and Preparations for Future Research Project.

Language Technology

  • CLASP seminar
    Fridays 13:15–15:00

    21 Oct: Anna Lindahl, Arianna Masciolini, Ricardo Muñoz Sánchez and Stian Rødven-Eide from University of Gothenburg: A gentle introduction to argument mining

    4 Nov: Sebastian Schuster from Saarland University 

    18 Nov: Joakim Nivre from Uppsala University and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

    25 Nov: Alexander Clark, University of Gothenburg

    1 Dec: CLT seminar: Staffan Larsson: Educational dialogue applications: the Reading Buddy and the Language Buddy
    2 Dec: Marco Kuhlmann from University of Linköping: Probing and Explaining Neural Language Models

    CLASP, the Centre for Linguistic Theory and Studies in Probability, arranges regularly seminars, workshops and conferences. See the calendar (external web) and CLASP's website.


  • Linguistics Seminar
    Tuesdays 13:15–15:00

    15 Nov: Caroline Arvidsson: The brain in conversation: Mapping the neural correlates of production, comprehension, and turn-taking using fMRI
    22 Nov: Linguistic Forum: What’s in a frame? The semantics of multimodal objects

    Contact: Eleni Gregoromichelaki, and Ellen Breitholtz,


  • Logic Seminar
    The seminar is held on alternate Fridays 10:15–12:00.

    14 Oct: Guillermo Menéndez Turata, University of Amsterdam: A Cyclic Proof System for Full Computation Tree Logic
    9 Dec: Dag Westerståhl: Carnap’s problem for intuitionistic propositional logic

    Contact: Graham Leigh,

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  • Nordic Online Logic Seminar
    Monthly over Zoom, Mondays, 16:00-17:30, with talks on logic topics of interest for the broader logic community.

    24 Oct:  Nordic Online Logic Seminar: Melvin Fitting, City University of New York: Strict/Tolerant Logic and Strict/Tolerant Logics

    Contact: Graham Leigh,
    Subscribe for info:

Practical Philosophy

  • Practical Philosophy and Political Theory Research Seminar
    Wednesdays  13:15–15:00. Room J577, occasionally on zoom.

    14/9    Michał Wieczorek, Dublin City University och Göteborg
    21/9     Paiman Karimi
    28/9     Joint seminar with Theoretical Philosophy: Elisabeth Schellekens, Uppsala University
    5/10    Martina Reuter, University of Jyväskylä: “Mary Wollstonecraft’s Moral Philosophy” NB: This seminar will be held at LIR. (Venue tbd.)
    12/10    Eyja Brynjarsdottir, Göteborg and University of Iceland:

    You Are What You Buy: Self-Making through Consumption and Consumer-Making as Self-Expression
    19/10    Georg Schmerzeck
    26/10    Joint seminar Theoretical Philosophy: Barbara Vetter, Freie Universität, Berlin

    2/11    Ellen Breitholtz et al, FLoV, Political Science, on political language
    9/11    Dorna Behdadi
    16/11    Olle Blomberg
    23/11    Joint seminar with Theoretical Philosophy: Jessica Isserow, Leeds.  
    30/11    Yuliya Kanygina will present work in progress on third-party blame
    7/12    Gunnar Björnsson
    14/12    Joint seminar with Theoretical Philosophy: Anna-Sara Malmgren, Inland Norway University of Applied Science
    21/12    Alexander Stöpfgeshoff, Stockholm/Toronto

    Contact: Frans Svensson,
    The seminar in Practical Philosophy and Political Theory is a collaboration between the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science and the Department of Political Science.
  • The second Göteborg-Umeå Workshop in Practical Philosophy 
    9 September in Umeå
  • Näckrosen Seminar – Research Seminar in Practical Philosophy
    Fridays 13:30– 14:30  
    Contact: M. Hadi Fazeli,
    This seminar is aimed at junior researchers, postdocs and doctoral students.
  •  Financial Ethics Workshop
  • Lund Gothenburg Responsibility Project – Workshop
    Contact: Olle Blomberg,
    LGRP, arranges regularly seminars, workshops and conferences. The seminar schedule is fluid, please visit the LGRP webbsite.

Theoretical Philosophy

  • Theoretical Philosophy Research Seminar
    Normally on Wednesdays 10:00-12:00 (once a month at 15-17). Hybrid or fully online, room J577.

    14/9 Anna-Sofia Maurin: What’s Wrong with Global Cognitive Relativism?
    28/9 13-15 joint seminar with Practical Philosophy: Elisabeth Schellekens Dammann, Uppsala University
    5/10 at 15-17
    12/10 Gustavo Fernandez Walker: Hamlet goes to college
    19/10 Susanna Radovic
    26/10 13-15 joint seminar with Practical Philosophy: Barbara Vetter, Freie Universität, Berlin, fully online
    2/11 Martin Kaså
    9/11 at 15-17
    16/11 Ylwa Sjölin Wirling
    23/11 13-15 joint seminar with Practical Philosophy: Jessica Isserow, Leeds
    30/11 Maximilian Zachrau: (Non-)Fundamentality of Fundamentality
    7/12 Jenny Pelletier
    14/12 13-15 joint seminar with Practical Philosophy: Anna-Sara Malmgren, Inland Norway University of Applied Science
    21/12 Ana-María Mora Marquez

    Contact: Anna-Sofia Maurin,
  • The Topica project arranges seminars, workshops and conferences. For information, please contact Ana María Mora Márquez,

Theory of Science

  • GU Chalmers STS Seminar
    Fridays 13:15–15:00  

    7 Oct: Sabine Höhler, History of Science, Technology and the Environment, KTH: It could have been otherwise: STS as a historical project    
    4 Nov: Linda Soneryd, Örebro University: Fossil-free futures: Disinvestment in the Nordic countries 
    25 Nov: Fabian Muniesa, Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation, Ecole des Mines de Paris: Paranoid Finance

    Contact at FLoV: Ingemar Bohlin,
    The Theory of Science and Science and Technology Studies Seminar is a collaboration between FLoV, SOCAV (the Department of Sociology and Work Science) and Chalmers.
  • Theory of Science Seminar
    Mondays 13:15–14:30 | In Swedish

    Contact: Annika Linell,, Jakob Lundgren, and Ingemar Bohlin,
  • Political-Theoretical Seminar
    No seminars during the autumn 2022. New schedule for 2023 will come.

    Contact: Johan Söderberg,

  • Citizen Science Webinar see information above.

Previous seminars 2021 – 2022

Information about our research seminars held during 2021 and spring of 2022 at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science.

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