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University of Gothenburg
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Research Seminars at FLoV

Our 15 research seminars at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, FLoV, are moved online and held as zoominars this term, due to the recommendations regarding the coronavirus. Please send an email to the contact person for the seminar you wish to attend and you will get more information and links to zoom meetings.

Citizen Science

  • University of Gothenburg Webinars on Citizen Science
    Contact: and

    12 March 10:00-12:00 Elin Lundquist,Stockholm University: Reports for an epistemic community:Birdwatchers' use of digital platforms for reporting observations of birds

    A series on new developments in the field of citizen science, in the broadest sense, including different participatory participatory research activities in the natural and social sciences and the humanities, as well as community based initiatives.

History of Philosophy and Classical Philology

  • History of Philosophy and Classical Philology Research Seminar
    7 April 15:00 Jenny Pelletier (Leuven/GU): The Metaphysical Foundations of Social Groups in Late Medieval Philosophy
    Contact Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist,

  • Filling the Gap: Medieval Aristotelian Logic 1240–1360
    Contact Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist,

  • Translation as Research
    Contact Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist,
    August 2021: Workshop 4 within the RJ project in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen: Translation as Research: Conclusions and Preparations for Future Research Project.

You get Zoomlinks, handouts etc about these three projects via our mailing list, please contact if you would like to be added to the list.

Language Technology

  • CLASP seminar
    Wednesdays 13:15–15:00 
    10 March: Nikolai Ilinykh: When an Image Tells a Story: The Role of Visual and Semantic Information for Generating Paragraph Descriptions
    24 March: Julia Hockenmaier, University of Illinois
    7 April: Nick Chater from Warwick Business School
    14 April: Robin Cooper
    28 April: Mark Steedman, University of Edinburgh

    CLASP, the Centre for Linguistic Theory and Studies in Probability, arranges regularly seminars, workshops and conferences. See the calendar (external web) and CLASP's website.


  • Linguistics Seminar
    Tuesdays 13:15–15:00

    Contact: Eleni Gregoromichelaki, and Ellen Breitholtz,

    9 March Torbjörn Lager 1. Webizing Prolog - and Prologizing the Web
    16 March
    Torbjörn Lager 2. Agents on the Prolog Web


  • Logic Seminar
    The seminar is held on alternate Fridays 10:15–12:00.
    Contact: Graham Leigh,

    12 March 16:15–18:00 (note unusual time!) Lance Rips, Northwestern University: Experimenting with (Conditional) Perfection 
    26 March 10:15–12:00 Carlo Nicolai, King's College

    Subscribe to the Logic Seminar mailing list (external page) for up-to-date information.

Practical Philosophy

  • Practical Philosophy and Political Theory Research Zoominar
    Wednesdays  13:15–15:00
    Contact: Yuliya Kanygina,

    20/1  – Yuliya Kanygina: Self-Other Asymmetry and the Presumption of Duties to Oneself
    27/1 – Pascale Willemsen: Direct and derivative moral responsibility: An overlooked distinction in experimental philosophy
    3/2 – Tadhg Ó Laoghaire: Trade Justice and the Least-Developed Countries
    10/2 – Haixin Dang: Epistemic Responsibility and Scientific Authorship
    17/2 – Bengt Brulde: How much inequality should we accept?
    24/2 – Christian Munthe: Work in progress where applied ethics in the work on antibiotic resistance (ABR) meets applied philosophy of economics and political philosophy
    3/3 – Olle Blomberg: Responsibility for another’s action
    10/3 – Adrian Walsh: A Somewhat Moderate Defence of Moral Critiques of Self-interested Commercial Motives
    17/3 – Jasmine Elliott
    24/3 – Paiman Karimi
    31/3 – Davide Fumagalli
    14/4 – Gunnar Björnsson
    21/4 – Ragnar Francén
    28/4 – Alexander Andersson
    5/5 – Nina van Heeswijk
    12/5 – Per-Erik Milam
    19/5 – Joakim Sandberg
    26/5 Daphne Brandenburg
    2/6 Dorna Behdadi

    The seminar in Practical Philosophy and Political Theory is a collaboration between the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science and the Department of Political Science.
  • Näckrosen Seminar – Research Seminar in Practical Philosophy
    Fridays 13:30– 14:30  
    Contact: Louis Larue and Mohammadhadi Fazeli, and

    26 February – Louis Larue: On Searle's ontology of money and its critics
    12 March – Tadhg Ó Laoghaire
    26 March – Richard Endörfer
    9 April – Alexander Andersson
    23 April – Davide Fumagalli
    7 May – Jasmine C. Elliott
    21 May – Josep Ferret Mas

    This seminar group is aimed at junior scholars (PhD students, post-docs, and invited researchers)
  • Lund Gothenburg Responsibility Project – Workshop
    Contact: Olle Blomberg,

    11 – 12 March: 17:00 –21:15 Workshop on Moral Responsibility Over Time and Between Persons External site with workshop programme

    LGRP, arranges regularly seminars, workshops and conferences. The seminar schedule is fluid, please visit the LGRP webbsite.

Theoretical Philosophy

  • Theoretical Philosophy Research Seminar
    Wednesdays 10:15–12:00
    Contact: Anna-Sofia Maurin,

    27/1 – Ylwa Sjölin Wirling (GU and Manchester University) Neutrality and Force in Field’s epistemological objection to platonism
    3/3 – Paul Gorbow (GU) A first-order theory of belief ascriptions - with puzzles
    10/3 – Giacomo Giannini (LSE): Why Think That Powers Yield Genuine Activity?
    17/3 – Anders Tolland (GU)
    24/3 –
    7/4 – Maximilian Zachrau (GU)
    14/4 – Alva Stråge (GU)
    21/4 – Staffan Larsson (GU)
    28/4 – Ana Maria Mora Marquez (GU)
    5/5 – Louis Larue (GU)
    12/5 – Henrik Rydéhn (Tübingen)
    19/5 – Filip Radovic (GU)
    26/5 – Anna-Sofia Maurin & Naomi Thompson (GU & University of Southampton)
  • The Topica project arranges seminars, workshops and conferences. For information, please contact Ana María Mora Márquez,

Theory of Science

  • Theory of Science and Science and Technology Studies Seminar (STS)
    Fridays 13:15–15:00 
    Contact at FLoV: Ingemar Bohlin,

    29 Jan – Lisa Lindén, GU & Vicky Singleton, Lancaster University: Unsettling Descriptions: Attending to the Potential of Things that Threaten to Undermine Care
    26 Feb – Shai Mulinari, Lund University: Race and Ethnicity in Drug Regulation: EU and USA Compared
    19 March – Harry Collins, Cardiff University: The Form of Life as Sociology’s ’Basic Unit of Analysis: What Sociology is for!
    23 April – Book release seminar with Steve Woolgar and Dave Moats, Linköping University: The Imposter as Social Theory: Thinking with Gatecrashers, Cheats and Charlatans
    14 May – Venla Oikkonen, Tampere University: Tracing Affect in Three Vaccination Debates

    The Theory of Science and Science and Technology Studies Seminar is a collaboration between FLoV and SOCAV (the Department of Sociology and Work Science).
  • Theory of Science Seminar
    Mondays 13:15–14:30
    Contact: Annika Linell,, Jakob Lundgren, and Ingemar Bohlin,

    1 Feb – Dick Kasperowski/Morten Sager: Patients falling through the cracks: how particulars travel – and not – in today’s standardized health care
    8 March Helena Lagerlöf: Ett praktiknära perspektiv på beställarens styrning av primärvårdens utförare

    12 April – Margareta Hallberg: Ämnet vetenskapsteori under 30 år
    10 May – Jörgen Vikström: En text som behandlar frågan om hur Latour använder sig av termen ”de andra” i sin politiska filosofi

  • Political-Theoretical Seminar
    Fridays 13:15–15:00
    Contact: Johan Söderberg,

    5/2 – Reading Samuel Moyn: Not Enough: Human Rights in an Unequal World (2018);
    5/3 – Reading Hans Joas, The Sacredness of the Person: A New Genealogy of Human Rights (2012); preparation for the seminar in May.
    23/4 – Reading John Milbank, Against Human Rights (2012); Urval ur Pierre Manent, La loi naturelle et les droits de l'homme
    14/5 – Reading Elena Namli, Human Rights as Ethics, Politics and Law, and a text by Lena Halldenius

  • Citizen Science Webinar see information above.