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The latest publications at the department are listed in GUP.

Publications at the department

The researchers at the department present their results in books, in professional journals or at international conferences. All such publications are listed in the department’s bibliography.


All new books, articles in journals, conference papers etc written by our researchers are listed in GUP – Gothenburg University Publications, a bibliographic system for the registration of scientific publications. Our publications in GUP

Full Text Publications

In the database for e-publishing, GUPEA, Gothenburg University Publications Electronic Archive, you find full text publications of PhD thesis, research reports etc.

Published before 2009

In 2009 three departments were merged into this department. To find publications from the previous departments you need to search for each of these deprartments separately:

Philosophical Communications

From 1972 until 1997 the department published three journals via the collection Philosophical Communications (Filosofiska meddelanden): Red Series (finished research reports/papers), Green Series (working papers), and Blue Series (teaching material). From 1997 there was also a Web Series published online.

You find the series at the web, a online service managed by The National Library of Sweden, and at Universitetsbiblioteket,

New books written by philosophers, linguists and theorists of science