University of Gothenburg
Photo: Natalie Greppi

Planning your stay

There are a number of things you need to think about before your move to Sweden. Here you will find information to help you prepare for your journey to Sweden, our best advice is to start with your preparations today

Checklist pre-arrival

Here are some important steps to take before you arrive in Gothenburg. 

Photo: Johan Wingborg

Want to bring your family?

If you are considering bringing your family to Gothenburg, there is a lot to think about. There is a shortage of housing especially at the beginning of each semester. If you are planning to bring your family to Gothenburg, we recommend that you start looking for accommodation as early as possible.

Photo: Beatrice Törnros/Göteborg & Co

ABC good to know facts about life in Gothenburg

When planning your stay, there are a few things that are good to know about life in Gothenburg.