University of Gothenburg

About us

In the middle of central Gothenburg, near Götaplatsen and Avenyn, is the Faculty of Humanities where all the departments at the faculty are gathered. Our department is located on level 2. The student office and student councellor can be found in corridor F.

At the department, we conduct teaching and research on culture from many different perspectives. We also collaborate with the surrounding community in various projects. The department has existed in its current form since 2009 through a merger of what was previously the Department of Culture, Aesthetics and Media, the Department of Gender Studies, the Department of Ethnology and the Department of Art and Visual Sciences.

The Department in numbers

We currently have 55 employees, a turnover of around SEK 60 million per year (around 12 million of which is external funding) and an annual commitment to provide a little over 480 full-time study places for the Faculty of Humanities and around 35 places for Teacher Training (primarily on the preschool teacher and recreation instructor programmes).

8 professors (4 women and 4 men)
10 associate professors (6 women and 4 men)
13 senior lecturers (all women)
4 lecturers (3 women and 1 man)
1 postdoc (woman)
2 researchers (1 woman and 1 man)
8 doctoral students (5 women and 3 men)
8 administrators (7 women and 1 man)