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The department's researchers usually publish their research findings in books and dissertations or in professional journals. All such publications are reported in the department's bibliography in GUP.

GUP - University of Gothenburg Publications - is a database containing references to materials published by persons employed by or affiliated with the department.

Bibliography of the Department of Cultural Sciences from 2009

Please note that the bibliography is constantly updated and therefore the list for the current year may be incomplete.

Published before 2009

The Department of Cultural Sciences is the result of a merge between several departments, however, all departments did not publish dissertations, research reports etc. electronically in GUP. Below you will find links to the departments with e- publications before the merge in 2009.

Department of Ethnology
Department of Culture, Aesthetics and Media
Department of Gender Studies
Department of Art History and Visual Arts

Publications in full text

GUPEA is a university-wide system for e-publishing of, for example, doctoral dissertations, writing series and research publications. A database for electronic publication in full text of dissertations and other scientific publications published by authors operating at the University of Gothenburg.

Doctoral theses

Bachelor thesis

Master's thesis (one year)

Master's thesis (two year)