University of Gothenburg


The head of department leads the work of the Department, ably assisted by the rest of the management team, the unit heads and the department council. The management team comprises the head of department, the deputy head, the associate heads, the education coordinator and the unit heads.

Four units

  • Aesthetics unit. Comprises the disciplines of Film Studies, Art History and Visual Studies and Musicology (including the Bachelor’s programme Media, Aesthetics and Cultural Entrepreneurship, and GPS400: Centre for Collaborative Visual Research).
  • Culture studies unit. Comprises the disciplines of Cultural Studies, Ethnology and Children’s and Youth Culture (including the undergraduate programme Culture and the Master’s programme Culture and Democracy, the course KAH100 Professional placements for humanities students 30 credits, and Teacher Training courses).
  • Gender studies unit. Comprises the discipline of Gender Studies (including the Master’s programme Gendering Practices).
  • Support services unit. Comprises the administrative staff (including study counsellor).