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University of Gothenburg

Study administration

Here is information about who to contact in various educational issues.

Student expeditions

At the student expeditions at the Botanical building and Zoologen you find our course/study administrators and counsellors. They can help with most questions related to your studies. The course/study administrators handle questions related to all courses given by BioEnv, regardless of program, while the study counsellors handle courses and programs in biology & molecular biology and environmental sciences (for questions about other programs we refer the the department responsible for the program in question).

For general information about courses, registrations, result reports (LADOK), study breaks etc. contact the addresses above.

Botanical building

Carl Skottsbergs gata 22B
The student expeditions are located at floor 2 near the foyer. Here you find e.g. Olga Khitun that handles exams on courses in the  Botanical  building .

Botanical building
Photo: C. Olsson


Zoology building (Zoologen)
Medicinaregatan 18A
The student expeditions are located at the ground floor as well as on floor 2. At the ground floor you find Lilioth Olsson that handles exams at Zoologen. Lilioth can also answer questions about keys, parking and other things concerning our facilities at Zoologen.

At floor 2 you find Valentina Grgic that handles course registrations and results. You may contact her on either of the common addresses for biology or environmental sciences.

Zoology building, Medicinaregatan
Photo: C. Olsson


For questions regarding exams, contact  Lilioth Olsson (Zoology building) or Olga Khitun (Botanical building).

Educational council

The educational council consist of the vice prefekt for education and the four directors of studies, responsible for the biology, environmental science, pharmacy and teachers programs.

More about the educational council

Study counsellor

Peter Gulz

Study counsellor in biology and molecular biology

Visiting address: Zoology building

Contact information to Peter

Karin Karlson

Study counsellor in environmental sciences and biology

Visiting address: Botanical building

Contact information to Karin

Linnéa Wallgren

Contact information to Linnéa

Petra Knutsson

Contact information to Petra