Anders Palmquist


Department of
Visiting address
Arvid Wallgrens backe 20
41346 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 412
40530 Göteborg

About Anders Palmquist

Anders Palmquist defended his PhD thesis entitled ”On a novel technique for preparation and analysis of the implant surface and its interface to bone” in 2008. Since then he has continued the development of analytical techniques to resolve the interface between bone tissue and implant surface. His main research interest is to correlate the biomechanical function of implants and the structure and chemistry of the interface.

Research interests: •High resolution and multidimensional analytical tools for resolving the bone-implant interface at the nanoscale •Biomechanics and techniques for biomechanical measurements •Correlative microscopy techniques to understand the bone-implant system from macro to nanoscopic resolutions