Anders Palmquist


Department of
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Arvid Wallgrens backe 20
41346 Göteborg
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Box 412
40530 Göteborg

About Anders Palmquist

I’m a Professor and head of the Department of Biomaterials at the Institute of Clinical Sciences, Sahlgrenska Academy.

My research focus lies in through thorough understanding of the underlying mechanisms of bone formation and maintenance around biomaterials, to develop the next generation biomaterials. New materials and processes which could guide healing even in compromised conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus and after radiation therapy.

During my research I’ve developed methods and techniques enabling correlative analyses of the bone interfacing biomaterials down to the nanometer level, a unique multiscale and multimodal analytical platform, where the smallest building blocks of bone could be analyzed.

Research interests: •High resolution and multidimensional analytical tools for resolving the bone-implant interface at the nanoscale •Biomechanics and techniques for biomechanical measurements •Correlative microscopy techniques to understand the bone-implant system from macro to nanoscopic resolutions