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Ole Lützow-Holm


Högskolan för scen och
41256 Göteborg
Box 210
40530 Göteborg

Om Ole Lützow-Holm

Abstract Between Work and Text builds on the assumption that norms in western classical art music originate from patriarchal structures and that they could be negotiated and altered. The project will examine how queer theories might gain relevance within an explorative artistic practice that involves strategies inspired by the concept of écriture féminine (Cixous 1976). Facilitating attempts distinguished by an ethos of ambiguity and openness, the project aims at developing methods for a more complex appreciation of the chaotic, unsettled, contradictory and incomplete as legitimate standards in artistic practice and research. Interconnected trajectories are feminine writing and queer in a context of experimental music, supported by questions of ethics in Artistic Research. The lines of thought correspond with my interest in experiential knowledge exchange across different disciplines and the dialogue as a way to bring about scope for transformation through intra-action and touching (Barad 2007/2012). Informed by a postcolonial feminist discourse, the project’s primary focus is to inquire into ethical implications that may enrich the dynamism between researching processes and artistic practice. Expected outcome of the research includes an open archive as well as musical expositions, essays and public seminars.