Olle Edström

Professor emeritus

Avdelningen för estetik
Renströmsgatan 6
41255 Göteborg
Box 200
40530 Göteborg

Om Olle Edström

K. Olle Edström, professor of musicology

Research areas: Ethnomusicology Popular music The history of music and aesthetics Epistemology

* I have been supervisor for more than 30 Post-graduates (Dissertations), held papers at many occasions and lectured in Budapest, Cambridge, Helsinki, Montreal, Minneapolis, Oslo, Vienna, Singapore etc. I have also since 1999 arranged several international colloquia in Gothenburg with invited scholars and Swedish colleagues. I am a member of two academia: Kungliga Gustav Adolfs Akademien för folkkultur and Kungliga Vetenskaps- och Vitterhetsakademien i Gothenburg. In 2004 I was awarded a grant for six years as an excellent scholar from the Swedish State Research Council.

Academic examina/Positions

* Music teacher exam, (MA Mus with diploma in Education /1965-1969/). School of Music, Gothenburg university, Gothenburg, 1969 * B.A. (musicology, sociology and social anthropology), Gothenburg University, 1970 * Ph.D. in musicology, Gothenburg university, 1977 * Senior Reader (musicology) 1978-92, Gothenburg university * Professor (Chair of musicology) 1992-2013, Gothenburg university * Professor emeritus at Department of Cultural Studies, Gothenburg university, Sweden, 2013-

* External examiner for Music at the School of Arts, National Institute of Education, Singapore, 1999-2001 * Appointed visiting professor at the State Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway, 2000-2003 * Guest professor at Department of Musicology, University of Lund, Sweden 2013-2015

Positions as musician/Music teacher: 1. Violinist in the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra 1967-72 2. Pianist at various restaurants 1963–67 3. Music teacher at secondary levels, 1969-71; in Music College,1971-77; and at School of Music (1974-76), Gothenburg univ. 4. Performer of jazz (piano/arranger), chamber music (piano and violin) at various concerts since 1962-