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Karin Hult


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Om Karin Hult

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The Metochites Project

I am currently working on an edition of the Semeioseis gnomikai (”Sententious notes”), a collection of 120 essays by the Byzantine statesman and scholar Theodore Metochites, 1270–1332. This is the first critical edition of the text, replacing the 1821 edition by C. G. Müller & Th. Kiessling, which was based on a late and inferior manuscript. The new edition is based on two early 14th-century manuscripts, in Paris and Venice respectively, and a 16th-century copy of the Venice manuscript kept in Escorial, Madrid. The edition is accompanied by an English translation, notes and indexes. This important work of the Palaeologan era has never been translated before, not even into Latin. A complete list of the essays of the Semeioseis gnomikai is found at the bottom of this page. For Metochites’ life and works see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodore_Metochites

The edition will appear in four volumes. The first volume, Theodore Metochites On Ancient Authors and Philosophy (essays 1–26 & 71), appeared in 2002. The second volume, Theodore Metochites On the Human Condition and the Decline of Rome (essays 27–60) will appear in October 2016. The third volume, essays 61–70 & 72–81, is edited by Staffan Wahlgren, Trondheim, and will appear early in 2017.

The project began in 1993 as a collaboration between the University of Gothenburg and the University of Cyprus, Nicosia. It has received funding from the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond) and the Swedish Research Council.

The pinax (table of contents) of Theodore Metochites’ Semeioseis gnomikai (link)