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Om Victoria Brattström

Hi, my name is Victoria Brattström I am a Swedish Director and Actor as well as Senior Lecturer in Performance Practices at the University of Gothenburg Academy of Music and Drama. My experience as Director ranges from community theatre productions to modern musicals. Over the years I have had the opportunity to be directing large outdoor performances with circus acrobats, choirs and dancers; as well as intimate chamber plays for Swedish Radio and Television.

At the Gothenburg Opera in Sweden I recently directed the musical Kärlek Skonar Ingen (Love Spares No One) opening with a world premier in Sept 2021, and running at the Opera for the season 2021-2022. I was also very happy to be part of the conceptual and creative team behind this original musical theatre piece in co-authorship with, Simon Ljungman, Håkan Hellström & Mirja Unge. Here you can read more about the production and creative process of Kärlek skonar Ingen at:



At the Gothenburg Opera I also directed Musical Story of my life by Lionel Bart (2018) and co-directed in collaboration with Benke Rydman the production Oliver Twist (2019) In the autumn 2016, I directed the Stephen Sondheim musical Passion in its Scandinavian premiere for Smålands Musik & Teater in Jönköping. The production re-opening in spring 2017 at Norrlands Operan and in 2012, the musical Next to Normal at the Wasa Teater in Finland.

Links with more information about these productions and reflections on the artistic work can be found under Publications.

In 2023 I will be graduating with a PhD degree in Performance Practices in an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Academy of Music and Drama and University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-centred Care.

Here you can read more about the research project:

Playing oneself as if another – Acting and directing strategies as practical approaches in person-centred health and care