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Seminar about Blockchain and Cryptofinance attracted a large audience

Blockchain logga
Two leading blockchain entrepreneurs and a project manager from the University of Gothenburg shared their insights about blockchain technology and cryptofinance, during an event held at the Scool of Business, Economics and Law, on Tuesday 5 March.

Gregory Carson (Head of Corporate Development & Venture Capital at the XBTO Group, ex-CEO of Luxbright) discussed the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrency trading, newly developed technologies to enhance crypto transactions and trading by making them faster and easier for the general public. He focused on the future opportunities in the sector of finance, and how new technologies like the lightning network can open the doors for a wider adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Viktor Pantazis (Business Developer, Project Manager at Handelsblock) presented the entrepreneurial journey of developing a blockchain-based company and the current challenges in the Swedish market. A call was made to create a community of blockchain enthusiasts to push for legislation reforms and to raise public awareness about the potential of the technology.

Sukesh Kumar Tedla (CEO & Founder at Unbiased, Regional Head at Swedish Blockchain Association) explained in depth how the delegates proof of stake works and how it can transform crypto finance. He focused on the advantages of the technology as they can be found in Telos’ blockchain and how it can be efficiently used in legal applications.

The event was organized by Viktor Pantazis and Marwan Otrok, both second year students at the Master’s programme Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship at the School of Business, Economics and Law, and sponsored by the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and GU Ventures.