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Lyckad Europaforskardag 2019!


Dimitrios Pantakidis, en av CERGU:s praktikanterna, har skrivit en sammanfattning av förra veckans Europaforskardagen: Contested Community. 

The annual CERGU European Research Day (Europaforskardagen), based on the theme of Contested Community this year, took place on the 2nd of April Handelshögskolan, at the University of Gothenburg. The seminar included a keynote speech and featured 2 panels
After a short introduction by Pr. Lisbeth Aggestam, Christian Leffler, Deputy Secretary General at the European External Action Service (EEAS) of the European Union, made a keynote speech on the “EU Foreign Policy in a populist context”, outlining facts and general aims of the EU Foreign policy.
The 1st panel, focusing on the Independence-Community conundrum, was moderated by Pr. Adrian Hyde-Price, featured a presentation by Pr. Ingmar Söhrman on examples of demands of independence within the EU (Catalonia, Scotland, Bosnia and Transylvania), followed by a presentation by Associate senior lecturer Anna Wallerman on Euroscepticism and its forms in Europe. The Panel concluded with Doctoral student in History of Ideas, Jens Norrby, and his presentation “United Kingdom: a member that never found its role in Europe” on the problematic relationship between the UK and the EU.
After a short coffee break, the 2nd panel, moderated by CERGU Deputy Director Pr. Andreas Moberg, focused more on Electoral Contest. It featured more in-depth approach on the Spanish and Catalonian political discourse surrounding the EP elections by Doctoral student Eva Hoxha, followed by a detailed presentation on voting behaviour in EP elections by CERGU Director Pr. Linda Berg. The final speaker, Pr. Bengt Johansson, spoke on political campaigning in Europe, focusing particularly on election posters used by political parties and groups during the 2014 EP elections.
With the end of the panel presentations, there was time for questions and discussion with all panellists, which brought the seminar to a successful close.