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GPCC in new report: Helping measure person-centred care

Several articles published by researchers at GPCC and as a result of GPCC studies are included in a new report report called "Helping measure person-centred care", which has been published by the Health Foundation. 

Three key questions guided the review:
•How is person-centred care being measured in healthcare?
•What types of measures are used?
•Why and by whom is measurement taking place?

The review signposts to research about commonly used approaches and tools to help measure person-centred care. It aims to showcase the many tools available.

Read more and Download the publication: 


The Health Foundation is an independent charity working to improve the quality of healthcare in the UK. Their work is focused around two priority areas: Patient safety and Person-centred care. Read more about them and their resources and download their publications on http://www.health.org.uk/ .