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CHEGU workshop i juni 2015: "Continuous-Time Dynamic Optimization and its Application to Health"


CHEGU (Centre of Health Economics at University of Gothenburg) and the Department of Economics and Statistics invites you to a workshop in “Continuous-Time Dynamic Optimization and its Application to Health”. It is aimed at PhD students and researchers in economics who wish to learn an essential mathematical subject for studying intertemporal problems in their field. The workshop will take place at Gothenburg University, Handelshögskolan, 8 – 12 June 2015.

The workshop will be led by Professor Michael R. Caputo from the Department of Economics at University of Central Florida. Professor Caputo is one of the world's leading economists when it comes to developing and applying mathematical methods for continuous-time dynamic economic analysis. Generally speaking, his research involves uncovering the intrinsic qualitative properties of static, dynamic, and game theoretic models. This includes the development of the formalisms necessary to conduct such research. His recent and current research includes the determination of the fundamental testable implications of open-loop and feedback, Nash and Stackelberg equilibria. Professor Caputo is also presently engaged in research on rational addiction, both theoretical and empirical. His work has appeared in numerous prestigious journals.

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