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CERGU-forskare i special issue


Flera forskare från CERGU:s nätverk har tillsammans samarbetat och skrivit "Transnationalism in the 1950s: Europe, debates and politics", History of European Ideas, Volume 46, Issue 1, 2020. Bland de forskarna från CERGU är Mats Andrén, Ettore Costa, Jens Norrby, och Brian Shaev. Man kan läsa mer här och se abstract (på engelska) nedan:

This special issue re-evaluates the 1950s as a period of transnationalism in ideas and political practices, offering innovative insights into political history and political ideas. Without setting the national and transnational spheres against each other, the issue argues that the dialectics between the two was a defining element of Europe in this period. The articles explore transnational cooperation and exchanges among intellectuals, politicians and trade unionists, showing how they were changing in their interaction. The editorial sets out from the research on the postwar configuration of Europe based on the retake of the nation state, combining it with new research of transnational history and putting out some methodological innovations. Some significant themes across the articles are: the central role of translation and localisation, the interaction with local interests and disputes, the Cold War, the acceleration of European integration, the rise of the Third World, the tensions between hope and fear or between nihilism and rebirth of Europe, the centrality of science.