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60 researches and experts gathered at the joint SOLUTIONS and FRAM workshop

Today 60 experts and researches gathered at the joint SOLUTIONS and FRAM workshop focusing on Prioritisation Methodologies.

The workshop is held 9-10 February at Wallenberg Conference Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The workshop brings together SOLUTIONS partners and advisors, FRAM members and advisors, and invited external experts from science, regulation and other stakeholder groups.
The workshop have three main topics:

(i) How to identify priority mixtures?
(ii) How to identify drivers of mixture toxicity?
(iii) How to set Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) for priority mixtures?

The workshop explore options for integrating assessments of mixture toxicity and cumulative risks of chemicals in the aquatic environment into prioritization procedures under the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).

All participants bring in their views and are suggesting effective approaches to the three topics. The mutual feedback is expected to help shaping current and future work on these issues in both FRAM and SOLUTIONS. As a publishable output, the workshop results shall be documented in three discussion papers on the three main topics.