Hanna af Ekströms doktorsavhandling.
Foto: Johannes Romppanen

Sense making design methods

Pågående forskning
HDK-Valand – Högskolan för konst och design

Kort beskrivning

My research area is about how able-bodiedness is reproduced in design. I have a background as a disability rights activist who has influenced the theoretical input of the research in many ways, which is a combination of critical disability studies and universal design. The purpose of my research is to broaden the perspectives on how we today look at the concept of accessibility in design and architecture. In the research, I use artistic design methods linked to the different senses, and I am inspired by audio interpretation.

I develop the design methods within the research project TINK (Accessible, Norm-Critical stormwater Solutions) who aim to include
stormwater solutions with social values, biodiversity, and accessibility combined with technological innovation.