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University of Gothenburg
Västsvenskt hav
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Other Swedish aquaculture industries

There are a number of aquaculture industries outside West Sweden, which farm for example rainbow trout.

Vattenbrukscentrum Norr AB
Breeding of arctic charr, rainbow trout and brown trout for research and commercial use. Offers research facilities for feed trials etc and also consultants for aquaculture businesses.

AquaFuture A/S
Production of salmon in semi-enclosed cages in the sea. Development of multi-trophic aquaculture. Based in Brönnöysund, Norway.

Land-based production in recirculating systems of Tilapia and Clarias for the local market. Based outside Kristianstad.

Långhults laxodling
Production of rainbow trout fry and sport fishing company in Småland. www.lå

Scandinavian Silver Eel
Production of eel for consumption and restocking of the wild eel population. Located in Helsingborg.

A leading producer of rainbow trout roe and smolt. Locations at five different places in Sweden.

Tiraholms Fisk
Small-scale farming of rainbow trout for product development and marketing in a local store and restaurant. Located at lake Bolmen, Småland.