University of Gothenburg

Researchers in financial economics

The finance group at the Department of Economics at the University of Gothenburg has been expanding greatly over the past years, and finance is a very active and successful research area.

Dr. Evert Carlsson (University of Gothenburg, 2008)
Pension, Incentive Systems, Corporate Governance

Dr. Dawei Fang (University of Oxford, 2013)
Corporate Finance, Competition Theory, Private Equity, Contests and Tournaments

Dr. Adam Farago (Stockholm School of Economics, 2014)
Asset pricing, Portfolio Choice, Behavioral Finance, Financial Econometrics

Dr. Alexander Herbertsson (University of Gothenburg, 2007)
Financial Mathematics, Credit Risk Modeling, Financial Engineering

Prof. Erik Hjalmarsson (Yale University, 2005)
Empirical Asset Pricing, Empirical Market Microstructure, Financial Econometrics

Prof. Martin Holmén (University of Gothenburg, 1998)
Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Experimental Finance

Dr. Xiyu Jiao (University of Oxford, 2019)

Dr. Charles Nadeau (Iowa State University, 1996)
International Finance, Financial Crisis, Financial Market Regulation

Dr. Henrik Petri (Stockholm School of Economics, 2017)
Decision theory, Theoretical (Corporate) Finance

Dr. Ming Zeng (Singapore Management University, 2018)
Empirical Asset Pricing, International Finance

Dr. Jian Hua Zhang (University of Gothenburg, 1999)
Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation, Emerging Market Finance

Visiting Researchers

Guest Prof. Michael Kirchler (University of Innsbruck, 2006)
Experimental Finance, Behavioral Finance, Bubbles, Information Economics, Market Efficiency