University of Gothenburg
Farmers planting rice in Kanchipuram, India.

Firms, Farms & Markets

Our research under this theme focuses on private sector development, and the behavior and performance of farms and firms in low-income countries.

This line of research is motivated by the need for poor countries to modernize and generate more good jobs for a rapidly growing population. A better understanding of the constraints facing farms and firms can lead to better development policies and, ultimately, improved standards of living in low-income countries. 

Works in progress (selection)

Shiferaw, Admasu and Måns Söderbom, 2021, “Worker Turnover and Job Reallocation: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data,” Resubmitted to Economic Development and Cultural Change.

Bedi, Arjun, Admasu Shiferaw, Måns Söderbom and Getnet Alemu, 2021, "Social Insurance Reform and Workers' Compensation,” Resubmitted to Labor Economics.

"Locus of Control, Economic Decision-Making and Aspirations: A Field Experiment in Odisha, India" with Cecilia Jansson (Gothenburg), Vikram Patil , Prakashan Veettil, Yashodha and Joe Vecci.

Recent publications

Chegere, Martin, Håkan Eggert and Måns Söderbom, ”The Effects of Storage Technology and Training on Postharvest Losses, Practices, and Sales: Evidence from Small-Scale Farms in Tanzania," Economic Development and Cultural Change, published online ahead-of-print.

Alem, Y., & Colmer, J. "Consumption Smoothing and the Welfare Cost of Uncertainty", Forthcoming in American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

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Alem, Y., Behrend, H., Belot, M., & Biro, A. "Mind Training, Stress and Behaviour - a Randomised Experiment", Forthcoming in PLOS ONE.

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Eyerusalem Siba, Måns Söderbom, Arne Bigsten and Mulu Gebreeyesus, "The Effects of Agglomeration and Competition on Prices and Productivity: Evidence for Ethiopia’s Manufacturing Sector”, Review of Development Economics, 24(3): 831-854, 2020.

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