University of Gothenburg
Education at school in Matugga, Uganda.
Photo: Robin Nieuwenkamp/Shutterstock

Education, Learning & Skills

Our research under this theme investigates several different aspects of education over a range of settings, exemplifying the wide variety topics relevant in studying education, learning and skills.

The role of macro-level factors such as natural resources and property rights have been investigated, along with meso- and micro-level factors such as social networks, cultural norms, and birth order. A newly started project will investigate the impact of violent extremism on education.

Works in progress (selection)

Fafchamps, Marcel, Måns Söderbom and Monique van den Boogaart, 2021. “Adoption with Social Learning and Network Externalities,”. Revise & resubmit, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics.

Recent publications

Pelle Ahlerup, Thushyanthan Baskaran and Arne Bigsten,“Gold Mining and Education: A long-run resource-curse in Africa”, Journal of Development Studies, 56(9): 1745-1762, 2020.

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