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QoG scholars get 3.75 million Euro for 5th and 6th rounds of Measuring the Quality of Government at the Subnational Level


Today we congratulate Nicholas Charron, Victor Lapuente and Monika Bauhr who have been awarded a tender from the EU Commission DG REGIO for the project “'Measuring the quality of Government at the subnational level and comparing results with previous studies – rounds 5 and 6”. It is a 48 month research grant worth approximately 3.75 million Euro (approximately 41 million SEK).

The project consists of gathering new data across approximately 225 EU regions in two waves (2024 and 2027) along with case study field work in selected regions. The data collected will, among other things, go into constructing a 5th and 6th rounds of the ‘European Quality of Government Index’ (EQI), that Nicholas, Victor and Monika have worked on previously.

Read more about the European Quality of Government Index on our website:

European Quality of Government Index