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Post-Stroke Checklist (PSC)

The Post-Stroke Checklist (PSC) is a standardized and validated tool for structured follow-up after stroke.

This Post-Stroke Checklist (PSC) has been developed to help healthcare professionals identify post-stroke problems amenable to treatment and/or referral. The PSC is a brief and easy-to-use tool, intended for completion in dialogue with the patient and the help of a caregiver, if necessary. PSC administration provides a standardised approach for the identification of long-term health problems after stroke and facilitates appropriate referral for treatment.

The use of the PSC is recommended in the National board of health and welfare guidelines for stroke care and internationally within the World Stroke Organization. The checklist was developed by an international multi-disciplinary expert group according to a detailed procedure described in the original article "Development of Poststroke Checklist to Standardize Follow-up Care for Stroke Survivors".


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