Rehabilitation Medicine

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Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology

Short description

Rehabilitation medicine is a medical- and humanistic discipline, whose main aim is to build a bridge back to a meaningful life for the patient after an injury or a disease.

Our research

Interdisciplinary research, with a person centered perspective, is the dominating approach in the group. The different conditions that are explored by the group are mainly within neurorehabilitation such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, late effect of polio and cerebral palsy. Most of the members are also employed by the region and work both with research and healthcare.

Research lines

  • Longitudinal studies and cross-sectional studies
  • Physical activity
  • Use of technology for assessment and training
  • Cognition and its effect on the person
  • Integration in society and disability studies
  • Registry studies and qualitative analysis

Group members

Principal Investigator

Katharina Stibrant Sunnerhagen, Professor, MD, PhD
Phone: +46 (0)31-342 2803

Assistant Principal Investigators

Åsa Lundgren Nilsson, Associate professor, PhD, Occupational therapist

Margit Alt Murphy, Associate professor, PhD

Gunnar Grimby, Professor emeritus, Physician

  • Tamar Abzhandadze
  • Ann Björkdahl                                                        
  • Elisabeth Brodin
  • Dongni Buvarp (Johansson)
  • Gunnel Carlsson
  • Anna Danielsson
  • Anna Dencker
  • Marie Engwall     
  • Emma Kjörk                                                
  • Arve Opheim
  • Annie Palstam         
  • Carina U Persson
  • Hanna C Persson                                        
  • Lena Rafsten
  • Helena Selander
  • Karin Törnbom
  • Emma Westerlind

Guna Berzina, PhD, Physician
David Darehed, PhD, Physician
Guri Hagberg, PhD, Physician
Tiina Rekand, Affiliated Researcher, Physician



  • Sofi Andersson, Physiotherapist
  • Ulrika Jonsson, Physician
  • Charlotta Josefsson, Physician
  • David Krabbe, Psychologist
  • Alexandra Larsson, Physiotherapist
  • Lamprini Lili, Physician
  • Maria Munoz, Physiotherapist
  • Åsa Nordin, Physiotherapist
  • Malin Nylén, Physician, Physiotherapist
  • Malin Reinholdsson, Physiotherapist
  • Adam Viktorisson, Physician
  • Elisabeth Åkerlund, Neuro Psychologist