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WCMTM Open Events
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Open Events

The Wallenberg Center for Molecular and Translational Medicine organizes annual open events.

Open Event 2023

Knitting networks for life science

When: March 21st 2023, WCMTM Yearly Event
Where: Conference Centre Wallenberg
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12.00 – 13.00
Lunch, WCMTM members poster session exhibition 
Welcome and introduction to the Wallenberg Centre and DDLS

moderators: Marta & Jordi

13:00 – 13:10
Introduction to the WCMTM
Margit Mahlapuu 

Introduction of a New WCMTM Director - J. Gustav Smith

13:20 – 13:35
“Importance of collaboration to strengthen life science.”
Göran K. Hansson

13:35 – 13:50
DDLS research school director
Marija Cvijovic

13:50 – 13:55
Short break

Data-driven Life Science meets clinical fellows

moderators: Iwona & James

13:55 – 14:10
Abhishek Niroula
“Clonal hematopoiesis: a common risk factor for age-related diseases”.

14:10 – 14:25
Clemens Wittenbecher
“Advances in nutritional metabolomics and potential precision nutrition applications”.

14:25 – 14:40
Erik Smedler
“Deep biological and clinical phenotyping of mental illness”.

14:40 – 14:55
Araz Rawshani
“Sudden Cardiac Arrest: The Number One Killer”.

Coffee break and poster session  

Academic and industry collaborations 

moderators: Marta & Jordi

15:40 – 16:00
Claudia Kutter
"Uncovering the role of transcriptional dark matter”.

16:00 – 16:10
Anetta Härtlova
“Macrophages in acute and chronic inflammation”.

16:10 – 16:20
Ka-Wei Tang
“Targeting Epstein-Barr virus-associated cancer”.

16:20 – 16:30
Maria Ekholm
“Clinical potential of liquid biopsy analysis in future cancer management”

Moderators: Iwona & James

16:30 – 16:40
Michael Schöll
“REAL AD: Validation of a realistic screening approach for preclinical Alzheimer’s disease”.

16:40 – 16:50
Fredrik Sterky
“CA10 regulates neurexin heparan sulfate addition via a direct binding in the secretory pathway”.

16:50 – 17:00
Cristina Maglio
“Circulating biomarkers for systemic sclerosis”.

17.00 – 17.38
Podium discussion

17.38 - 17.40
Closing words and poster prize

17.40 – 20.00
Mingle dinner

Photo: Johan Wingborg
Photo: Johan Wingborg
Photo: Johan Wingborg
Photo: Josefin Bergenholtz
Photo: Johan Wingborg
Photo: Johan Wingborg
Photo: Johan Wingborg
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Open Virtual Event 2021

Photo: Johan Wingborg
Photo: Johan Wingborg
Photo: Johan Wingborg
Photo: The Branco Weiss Fellowship
Photo: Emma Burendahl

WCMTM Open Yearly Event 2021 - January 28

At the Wallenberg Centre for Molecular and Translational Medicine Yearly Open Event 2021, five newly recruited group leaders presented their research. A unique panorama of the exciting and versatile research projects being carried out at WCMTM, through one-minute presentations by team members representing each group of the Centre, were also demonstrated.


  • Björn Redfors
    "Re-thinking myocardial stunning in acute ischemic heart failure
    - The De-Stun Heart Attacks Program"
  • Helena Filipsson Nyström
    "The impact of Graves’ disease in the brain: from if to how? From Clinical Experience to Treatment Recommendations"
  • Johan Zelano
    "Translational studies on acquired epilepsy"
  • Daniel Bojar
    "Sugar, Sugar – Unraveling the Roles of Glycans in Biology via Machine Learning"
  • Aishe Sarshad
    "Nuclear RNA interference in health and disease"

Moderators and organizing committee:
Alesia Tietze, Martin Dalin, Anetta Svitorka Härtlova and Anders Rosengren

Open Event 2020

This event was cancelled

Due to the development regarding the spread of COVID-19 the Open Event 2020 was cancelled.

WCMTM Yearly Event March 17 2020 "SCIENCE MEETS LIFE"

This year's focus was on presenting the overall ongoing research in molecular and translational medicine at the Centre with both oral presentations and a poster session.

Open Event 2019

Photo: Johan Wingborg
Photo: Johan Wingborg
Photo: Johan Wingborg
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Thank you to the over 200 participants and speakers at our yearly event on January 31st! 

Thank you to: 
GUNILLA WESTERGREN-THORSSON, director WCMM at Lund University, who gave her perspectives on the national Wallenberg Centre effort.

PERNILLE LAERKEGAARD HANSEN, professor and head of department of Chronic Kidney Disease at IMED CVRM AstraZeneca, that shared her talk ”We begin with the end”.

HENRIC OLSSON, head of Target Science IMED RIA AstraZeneca, who shared his experiences from 20 years in drug development and respiratory dieases.

BO SÖDERPALM, professor at the Institute of Neuroscience and physiology and senior consultant at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, who has been awarded a Swedish Research Council “Proof of Concept” grant, that presented his research "Exploiting brain dopamine systems for treatment of alcohol use disorder“.

And a special thanks to our newly recruited WCMTM fellows and group leaders:

Anetta Svitorka Härtlova has been recruited from the Newcastle University, UK, to the Institute of Biomedicine, and her main research focus is on understanding the role and regulation of immune and inflammatory pathways in the context of ageing and age-related pathologies.
Her talk was entitled "Understanding molecular mechanisms of innate immunity in age-related pathologies"

Alesia Tietze has been recruited from the University of Technology in Darmstadt, Germany, to the Institute of Chemistry and Molecular Biology. Alesia's research interest lies in the area of medicinal chemistry with focus on the development of protease-stable peptide analogs derived from bioactive peptides.
The title of her talk was "Chemical synthesis of bioactive peptides & membrane-associated proteins: from drug discovery to bioinspired materials”

Volkan Sayin has been recruited from the New York University School of Medicine, USA, to the Institute of Clinical Sciences. Volkan’s research is focusing on uncovering genotype dependent therapeutic vulnerabilities in lung cancer and he has a longstanding interest in redox biology, metabolism and the role of antioxidants in tumor development.
Volkan presented “Targeting metabolic dependencies in subtypes of lung cancer”

MARTIN DALIN, our newest clinical recruitment to Wallenberg Centre, presented his clinical research program within the area of cancer entitled "Circulating tumor DNA in pediatric cancer”.

Open Event 2018

On Thursday February 1st, the Wallenberg Centre arranged the second yearly event at the Wallenberg Conference Centre.

The program included presentations by WCMTM researchers, AstraZeneca R&D, and profilic speakers of University of Gothenburg and Umeå University.

Photo: Johan Wingborg

Open Event 2017

Photo: Johan Wingborg

"I am proud of the collaboration between the various partners. It is now our joint responsibility to ensure that the center is successful."
This was the statement from Vice-Chancellor Pam Fredman at the first Wallenberg Centre for Molecular and Translational Medicine Event on February 7th.

On Tuesday February 7th, the Wallenberg Centre Academy arranged the first of yearly events at the Wallenberg Conference Centre.