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Visiting Research Fellow Programme at JMG

JMG welcomes guest researchers who are connected to our research focus.

The purpose of the visiting research fellow program is to enhance JMG’s international profile and research collaborations. The program offers international researchers an opportunity to spend time at the department working on their research, giving seminars and deepening partnerships within the framework of JMG’s research agenda.

The program is primarily designed for short stays (around 2–3 weeks), but can also be combined with longer stays, for example in relation to joint research projects.

The research fellow is expected to have a specialism that links to one of JMG’s research areas. The researcher at JMG who hosts the visiting research fellow guarantees that their stay is rooted in an ongoing or planned collaboration and takes responsibility for the researcher’s program during their stay. The program shall include seminars or other activities aimed at the wider research environment that enable exchanges with doctoral students.

The visiting research fellow will be offered a workspace at the Department with access to the library and other services. The Department will also pay for travel, accommodation and a welcome lunch and dinner.

The visiting research fellow will be sent an invitation after being proposed by the researcher who will be their host. Nominations are to be submitted to the Department’s management team, who will make a decision based on the recommendations of the advisory board. The professors on the advisory board meet four times a year (February, May, September and November). Nominations are to include a brief justifying text, the nominee’s CV and the timing of the planned stay. The person must therefore be consulted beforehand. Within the framework of this program, JMG intends to invite one research fellow per semester.


Visiting researchers


Beatriz Jordá, Ph. D. at Saint Louis University, Madrid. Following both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, her research focuses on persuasion-based processes in social media around political and social issues.  
More information:


Augustine Pang, professor of Communication Management at Singapore Management University has been a guest researcher at JMG in October and collaborated with Bengt Johansson and Orla Vigsø. He also presented his research at the seminar in political communication.
Read the interview with Augustine Pang during his visit at JMG:

Kiki de Bruin. Doctoral student at the University of Utrecth has been at JMG during October and is returning home at the beginning of November. She has worked together with Jesper Strömbäck.

Noelle Lebernegg. Doctoral student at the University of Vienna and part of the KR project. She will come to JMG on November 6 and stay until the end of November/December.

Marianna Patrona, is visiting JMG April 22-June 3 2023 as part of our Visiting Research Fellow Programme. She is Associate Professor in the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hellenic Army Academy, Greece. 

She has published extensively in various discourse and communication journals and edited volumes, and is editor of Crisis and the MediaNarratives of Crisis across Cultural Settings and Media Genres (John Benjamins 2018, Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture series).

Her research interests include media discourse and communication; discourse and politics; broadcast interviewing; changing communication practices in broadcast news; political communication, journalism and crisis; populism and the news media.

She will present her research on two seminars at JMG:

  • Snapshots from an information war: propaganda, intertextuality and audience design in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, May 9, 13:15.
  • The reporting on far-right scandalous talk in Greek news discourse, May 23, 15:15.


  • Miriam Bernhard, PhD candidate and research assistant at the Technische Universtät Ilmenau in Germany, visits JMG in December. She will teach on the MA class in Strategic Communication and meet researchers at JMG. In addition to her academic work, she has worked for various publishing houses, such as DIE ZEIT and Condé Nast.
  • Dr. Fabian Thomas from University of Koblenz-Landau will be a JMG Guest Researcher during October 2022. He has specialized in methodological approaches in media effects research. He will join the group in the research project Varieties of Media Effects (VARME) during his stay.
  • Kim Backström who is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in social sciences at Åbo Akademi, Finland, is visiting the SOM-institute from October to the end of December 2022. He is writing a dissertation about the effects different legitimizing strategies may have on citizens. He is an aspiring survey methodologist and will join the SOM-institute’s methodology team during his team.
  • Philip Katz, a Ph.d. student at Charles University in Prague, the Czech Republic, is visiting JMG in October. He is writing on political cartoons in the Rudé právo, and is here to discuss his work with professor Orla Vigsö and to present it at the doctoral seminar.
  • Dr. Deanna Sellnow, professor of strategic communication in the Nicholson School of Communication at the University of Central Florida, US, visited JMG and professor Bengt Johansson in May 2022.  Her research focuses on instructional communication in multiple contexts, particularly risk and crisis communication. 
  • Timothy L. Sellnow, professor of strategic communication in the Nicholson School of Communication at the University of Central Florida, US, visited JMG and professor Bengt Johansson in May 2022. His research focuses on risk and crisis communication. 
  • Linas Kontrimas is currently a researcher at Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania and a doctoral student in politics. He visited JMG and professor Jesper Strömbäck in May 2022.

Professor Pang visited JMG this fall

Augustine Pang, professor in Communication Management at Singapore Management University, visited JMG in October. He also participated in the European ECREA conference Crisis7 that was hosted by JMG.

Read an excerpt from an interview made by JMG's master student Svenja Hix here.