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Current Research Agenda and Groups at JMG

The current research agenda at JMG is an extension of the department’s strong traditions while also incorporating a renewed research profile of greater breadth. Research efforts have a strong international profile and the lion’s share are conducted in collaboration with international colleagues and research networks.

JMG's Research Agenda

JMG’s researchers continue to explore short and long-term changes within journalism, media and communication, and to conduct studies of institutional structures and concrete practitioners, identities, norms and ethics, and content, representations, genres and forms of communication in various sectors and multimedia contexts.

The department’s broad experience and expertise in terms of historical media studies, large-scale surveys, experimental studies, ethnographic surveys, automated content analyses, discourse analyses and studies of written and spoken communication provide the necessary conditions for new multi-methodology approaches.

Today, the various research groups (see below) pursue research on: (1) changes and challenges within professional journalism related to developments in media technology and new business models; (2) crisis and risk communication from a civil and societal perspective; (3) media use and media importance in people’s everyday lives; (4) the development of public relations in relation to digitalisation, marketisation and other structural transformations; (5) how politics are communicated in social and media contexts and their importance to power and democracy; and the media’s impact on public opinion, public perceptions of society and political involvement.      

Research groups at JMG

By building on its strong research traditions, the department has established five overarching research groups: