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University of Gothenburg

Department management

The department management consists of persons representing the various activities at JMG; basic and advanced education, postgraduate education and research.

Department management

Head of Department:
Monica Löfgren Nilsson. E-mail: monica.lö tel +46(0)31 786 1186

Deputy Head of Department & Head of Education: 
Annika Bergström. E-mail, tel +46 (0)31 786 5178

Assistant Head of Department & Head of Research:
Mats Ekström. E-mail, tel +46(0)31 786 1236

Chief administrator + Economy: 
Måns Wiklund. E-mail, tel +46(0)31 786 4966

Director of Studies, Doctoral programme: 
Magnus Fredriksson. E-mail, tel +46 (0)31 786 1196

Director of Studies, Journalism studies:
Mathias Färdigh. E-mail

Director of Studies, Media- and Communication studies: 
Theo Röhle. E-mail, tel + 46(0)31 786 1228