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As a doctoral student, you will have a fixed-time employment that has a full-time equivalence of four years. During this time, you must write your thesis and complete all your compulsory and optional courses.

Upon admission, you will receive a work place at the department. You will also be given access to a computer, email address, postbox and telephone.

Doctoral students are generally expected to work at an FTE rate of 100%, although it is possible to work at a different rate. As a doctoral student, your salary is set according to the University of Gothenburg’s salary scale, and this is non-negotiable. Your salary will be automatically increased to the next level when you complete different tasks.

Doctoral students have the opportunity to perform departmental duties, which could entail tuition, work on a project or administrative duties. The scope can vary, but departmental duties can constitute a maximum of 20% of your study time.  Conducting tuition and working on projects are merit worthy, and the department strives to ensure that all doctoral students have the opportunity to conduct tuition, even if there are variations in the opportunities to do so.

Your doctoral study time will be extended if you have a rate of study that is not 100%, if you perform departmental duties, if you are on leave of absence, or if there are any special reasons. According to the Higher Education Ordinance, (Högskoleförordningen) such special reasons include illness, parental leave, leave for the performance of military service, or for the performance of positions of trust – for example, in committees at departmental or another level within GU, in trade union organisations or in student organisations.

More information

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