University of Gothenburg
Professor Mats Ekström, JMG
Mats Ekström (to the right), Professor at JMG, together with a guest, professor Zvi Reich from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
Photo: Cajsa Malmström

Our research

The Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMG) is a leading centre for research and teaching in journalism, media and communication in Sweden. Research is pursued in a number of fields and within journalism, political communication and crisis communication is considered world-leading in the latest external ranking (red 19).

The department was established in 1990 following a merger between the School of Journalism and the Unit for Mass Communication at the Department of Political Science. Since then, the department has developed a broad research agenda with a pronounced social science profile and a strongly empirical approach employing diverse methods. The department is especially renowned for its long-term research projects on journalism and democracy, media audiences, and public opinion centred on longitudinal studies and survey methods. Research at JMG is often focused on issues concerning how the long-term transformation of the media system affects media production organisations, production processes, the journalistic profession and audiences.
The research at JMG has high ambitions in its efforts to play an active role in society, striving for interaction and dialogue with professional organisations, the industry and society in general. A desire to combine research with high-quality teaching has always been a guiding light at JMG. One key aim of the research conducted here is to bridge and link the practical and theoretical aspects of research and teaching, as well as to establish collaborations that can contribute to innovation and increased quality within communication and journalism.